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Hi all! My name is Ksenia. I have been a registered nurse for over 20 years.

I am here to provide cosmetic injection services and IV therapy to fulfill your aesthetic desires.

I work in Queens, Manhattan, Yonkers and offer the following services:
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Myofascial massage
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IV therapy

IV therapy is recommended for people living at high speeds.
For those who don’t want to choose between health and deadlines. Who takes the maximum from life, but understands that health is a limited resource that requires attention.
IV vitamin therapy are recommended for:
◾️Stress and overwork, Decreased performance
◾️ sleep disorders
◾️mental fog
◾️deficiency of vitamins and minerals
◾️recovering from cold and flu


Botox is a preparation of botulinum toxin, a purified natural protein that blocks neuromuscular transmission of nerve impulses, thus helping to relax facial muscles and preventing the formation of wrinkles.

What wrinkles can you get rid of?

Horizontal wrinkles on the forehead;
Wrinkles between the eyebrows;
«crow’s feet» — wrinkles around the eyes.

How quickly will the effect come and how long will it last, how many procedures do you need to go through?

The action of Botox occurs in about 48 hours, and it will be possible to fully evaluate the result in about 2 weeks. These indicators are averaged, because the onset of the maximum result, as well as how long this effect lasts, depends on the individual characteristics of the person, as well as on the skill of the doctor.

Lip augmentation

The gold standard for creating plump lips — fillers based on hyaluronic acid.
Today it is the most optimal and safe method for correcting the shape and volume of lips, which is very popular all over the world.

When should you consider lips augmentation?
— Your lips are naturally thin and seem to disappear when you smile
— Their volume has decreased with age
— Plump lips make your appearance more auractive
— It is necessary to raise the corners of the lips
— Such a procedure adds self-confidence, effectively raises self-esteem.


Remove wrinkles and skin folds from the face, Restore the facial appearance and get Beautiful, smooth and glowing skin.
Dermal fillers are small injections of gel, typically made up of hyaluronic acid, that fills in wrinkles and add volume to soft tissue. You can have dermal fillers in different parts of your face: around the eye, cheeks, mouth, and jawline, as well as lip fillers administered directly into the lip tissue.


PRP therapy in cosmetology is a revolutionary method of rejuvenating and improving the skin, using purified and platelet-enriched plasma of the patient. With the help of plasma injections, tissue regeneration, cell proliferation and the production of proteins — elastin and collagen — take place. PRP therapy is a medical procedure used to improve the condition of the skin using the natural resources of the human body. Despite its recent appearance in cosmetology, plasma therapy is not a radical innovation, as it has been used in traditional medicine for many years. Specialists of the «Healthy Age» medical center choose PRP therapy because of its ability to comprehensively rejuvenate and improve the skin. We bet on naturalness and naturalness for each patient.

The main therapeutic advantages of the procedure:

stimulation of proliferative properties of cells and tissue metabolism,
revascularization (optimization of local blood circulation),
Human blood contains platelets, which ensure clotting and healing of damaged areas of the body. The cells secrete specific growth factors that promote the development of new healthy tissues. Intradermal injection of plasma triggers the activation of fibroblasts — the components responsible for the youth and beauty of the skin. According to research, PRP therapy improves the condition of the skin at the cellular level — smoothes, evens out the texture, moisturizes, nourishes, increases turgor and elasticity. PRP therapy in cosmetology helps achieve the following results:
General visual improvement of the condition of the skin
Increase of natural tone and elasticity
Elimination of small mimic wrinkles and deep structural folds
Improvement of complexion
Alignment of the microrelief of the skin
Elimination of dark circles and bags under the eyes
Resorption of cicatricial changes and lightening of postacne spots
Neutralization of pigment spots
Soft lifting of tissues in case of gravitational ptosis
Relief of inflammation and irritation

The rejuvenating effect is achieved after a course of procedures and lasts for 1.5-2 years. Plasmolifting will help you postpone surgical lifting for several years and preserve the health of your skin.

Myofascial massage

Myofascial massage is a deep type of massage. This procedure is aimed to increase muscle tone and its beneficial for patients with predominant deformation changes in the oval of the face. It provides an increase in the tone of the muscular skeleton of the face. As a result it leads to an improvement in the oval of the face, delineation of the jaw line, and a decrease in the sagging of the chin and neck.
Myofascial face massage — how it works:

◾️improves venous and lymphatic drainage
◾️intensifies metabolic processes in the skin and muscle frame as is increases blood flow
◾️improves general tonic effect on the body and psycho-emotional unloading
◾️increases the tone of the muscles of the face, neck


Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that involves stimulating skin regeneration and introducing various anti-aging preparations using a bundle of thin needles. Facial microneedling is often said to be a gentle alternative to mesotherapy.

Microneedling: indications
Flabbiness of the skin;
Deep and superficial wrinkles;
The presence of post-acne;
Enlarged pores;
Stretch marks on the skin;
Scars on the face;
Hair loss.

The microneedling procedure is aimed at rejuvenating the skin of the face and body, treating acne and post-acne, including scars, as well as correcting various skin changes (stretch marks, pigments, cellulite). To do this, the following happens during the microneedling process:

▪️inflammation is removed and elasticity and firmness are improved due to injections of antioxidant or collagen stimulating drugs into the surface layers of the skin.

▪️cellular regeneration and metabolic processes in cells are stimulated due to microdamages of the skin with a bundle of thin needles. The surface layers of the skin are renewed, scars, pigmentation, stretch marks are eliminated. At the same time, skin tone is evened out and natural radiance appears.

Carbon peel

The procedure of carbon peeling is gaining more and more popularity, both among cosmetologists and among clients. Carbon peeling is an effective means of cleansing the skin and combating age-related changes. The manipulation is based on laser exposure and photorejuvenation.
However, non-wheeling works in two directions:
deep skin cleansing and rejuvenating effect.
The program is aimed at working with oily and problem skin, photo correction and aging, hyperkeratosis, pigmentation.
Professional peeling complex Carbon Peel Program is an all-weather procedure. The three-step program gives the skin a fresh and rested look, restores a healthy glow. Noticeable results after the first session.
The peeling complex accelerates microcirculation, normalizes the renewal of epidermal cells and improves tissue respiration.
The company’s carbon peeling complex requires less time than a laser procedure. The beautician will take only 20 minutes, if you do not take into account the time for preparation and final care.
One set is designed for a course of 15-20 procedures.
Indications for use:
– mimic and age wrinkles;
— comedones;
— seborrhea;
— post-acne;
— dark spots;
— hyperkeratosis;
— Decreased turgor.
Effect after the procedure:
– reduction of pigmentation;
— increased skin turgor;
– even complexion;
– reduction in the number and depth of wrinkles;
– normalization of sebum production.